Porfyra’s Island

Porfyra’s Island Apartments are laid out on two storeys of a privately-owned building in the heart of the popular tourist resort of Makrigialos. The whole complex is surrounded by a verdant garden of trees and flowers, offering visitors an oasis of peace, beauty and all the fragrant aromas of the Cretan countryside. The view from the back of the complex is stunning, opening onto the magnificent green mountains of Agios Stefanos.

Porfyra’s Island, just 25 metres from the sea, also offers an unsurpassed view of the Libyan Sea and the southern coastline of Sitia Province. In the distance is the Island, as local fishermen call Koufonisi, known to the ancient Greeks as the Island of Porphyry, from which our apartments take their name.

In addition to their unique location, offering instant access to the sea and a wonderful view, the apartments of Porfyra’s Island offer superb amenities, being built of excellent materials and provided with top-quality furniture and domestic appliances.

All these elements, together with the traditional hospitality of the Porfyra’s Island staff, will ensure your holidays in Makrigialos remain unforgettable!




Junior Suite